Re: Amazing photo by Glenn Campbell from Tikaboo Peak ....HUH?!?!

Message posted by Roadeye on October 14, 2008 at 9:16:55 PST:

Fair enough,
On further investigation, as per your suggestion, I agree that, in this case, the object in question is quite definitely a rock thrown by the gentleman in the gray shirt.
So, I do offer my appology for shooting off my mouth in such a loud and obnoxious manner.
Still, and you have to admit this, the attitude does exist that anyone who does bring something strange to the public's attention is always trying to pull the wool over people's eyes and in many cases trying to gain something from it.
And that is simply not always the case.
As I stated earlier, in another post on the same subject...I was, in my opinion lucky enough to see an aircraft I have never seen before or since...not even a picture.
It was an American plane landing at a place in Canada.
Since then I have seen nothing of it's type. Not a drawing or a picture.
Yet I did see and hear it in person on a day when I was not expecting to see anything of the kind.
It's unexplained to this day, almost thirty years later.
So this kind of thing does happen to good people who are not interested in playing people as fools.
I would like to think that this website is a place where such sightings could be passed on, questions asked, opinions sought, etc, without the person feeling like they have to go into exile afterward.

It sucks when you see things that are new for the first time....because there are always millions of people wanting to tell you you never did.
That's my point here....
I make no appologies for that.

Just my two cents....
And I still can't wait for the day someone here has a real sighting on their own....I really do want to see how that is handled.


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