Re: Amazing photo by Glenn Campbell from Tikaboo Peak ....HUH?!?!

Message posted by Roadeye on October 14, 2008 at 8:28:11 PST:

Damned right I would schedule daylight flights over Tikaboo if I were a flt ops planner at Groom!
Because just by watching how you and your group deal with sighting reports from all but a very few select members would more than assure me that any misinformation or tactics I would need to hide the flight from the general public would all be taken care of "free of charge" by you...the "Dreamland Resort Watchdogs".
You guys are incredible!
Here you are, dedicated to research and keeping an eye out for any chance that the government may be trying to put something past you.
But, anytime someone even remotely approaches reporting a sighting or has some strange photographs to display your response is always the same.
Attack, Debunk, and Put the sucker to rest.
That is, unless it may be seen by one of the "respected" names here.
Come to think about it...what would happen if Joerg or Hank, or one of the higher ups was to see and photograph something on the fly in less than perfect conditions?
Somehow I think they would be risking their own reputations if they were to post about it here.
People like JoeinTX and a few others may see their honest act of letting people in on what they saw as some sort of grandstanding on their part and immediately launch a debunking campaign to take them down.
"Fly secret planes out of Groom in daylight...why not?
With the way some people react to sightings around can be sure your secret would be safe with Dreamland Resort."

That being said I can't be sure whether Campbell is throwing a hoax or not...could be I suppose.
But I'm the last one that would accuse him of lying about it.
I don't know enough and don't present myself as authority on the subject with enough qualifications to shout him down.
But, at least I admit that upfront.

To be honest, some of your arguments against him don't support many of your gualifications either.

Just my two cents
And can't wait for the day one of you "experts" sees and photographs something.
That's the show I really want to see.


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