Amazing photo by Glenn Campbell from Tikaboo Peak ....HUH?!?!

Message posted by JoeinTX on October 13, 2008 at 22:14:38 PST:

I saw the post and thought "whoa, what's this" and at very first sight I was intrigued........until it became very obvious we had a pictoral anomaly to look at.

Why is Campbell posting this as a "find?" This is abject cr@p from a family camping trip snapshot.

All serious A51-ers know well that such hardware would not be exhibited in such a way as Campbell and the pic would want you to think. To do so would be a serious stupidty that those running such projects have yet to exhibit in 50-odd years of secret program operations.

I'm just saying this..........why is Campbell saying so and can is pass the "smell test"......? No. It smells but why is Campbell so "willy nilly" with his re-discovered A51 efforts?


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