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Message posted by NoOne on September 19, 2008 at 0:57:28 PST:

Hi Joerg,

Just a few observations.

My guess is that the lined catchments are containment areas for either what came out of the holes when they were being drilled, being tested, and/or to contain any additional run-off. The obvious material needing containment would be “left-overs” from the original test.

The holes look a bit large in diameter for just core holes making one wonder if they may be/have been more along the lines of water bore holes. Maybe they were used to pump water out of the aquifer and to test for any contamination (supports the need for containment). Another possibility is they may be instrumentation holes for a sensor package - perhaps water levels/flows, contamination, seismic??

The Campbell CR1000 is a data logger, the box appears new and in fact doesn’t seem to be fully connected up in the photos. This leads me to the conclusion they intend to continue monitoring something at the site. So the cell stuff will probably be used to download data on demand – either by an inbound call or perhaps by periodic outbound calls.

Me thinks this may be worth an FOIA starting with the DOE.


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