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Message posted by Steve Douglass on September 16, 2008 at 8:16:21 PST:

With the sudden renewed interest in Black Projects, I have decided to dig up my old Intercepts Newsletters and create an online archive. The Intercepts Newsletter was produced for hard-core military monitors and stealth chasers from mid 1991 to 1995.

Until recently these back issues were located in a cardboard box in a barn in Ben Hur Texas, gathering dust and spider eggs, but with many requests by the original Interceptors to see if they could obtain copies, I decided rather than go through the expense of making copies, I'd turn them into Adobe Acrobat PDFs for free download.

I have to admit, as i was looking at the newsletter. I became a bit nostalgic for the early days and comraderie of the the original Interceptors and how much fun we had.

We functioned like a mini-intelligence agency, gathering hard data, delving into Pentagon budget reports, looking for suspicious "line items" monitoring the military airwaves from mountaintops and motel rooms, and generally doing everything we could to try and piece together the amazing history of the development of covert military technology.

While reading the newsletters, keep in mind these were written over a decade ago, way before the Internet came into household vogue and became the repository of the information age.

In future (back) issues you'll discover the first writings of the now famous original Interceptors, including Glenn Campbell ( not the singer) who became the thorn in the side of Area 51 security. Its' interesting to see his interests in Area 51 change from observer to activist.

It's easy to look back and see where we got it wont, but just as importantly where we got it right. A lot of what you will read in the dated Intercepts newsletter concerns projects that never were or will never be declassified. Some of what we printed turned out to be rumors and intentionally leaked disinformation, while others hinted at projects that are flying today.

I will try and post one newsletter each week on my blog at My bandwidth is limited so as new ones go up, old ones will come down so download them while you can.

-Steve Douglass

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