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Message posted by FosterVS on September 15, 2008 at 11:04:14 PST:

My son and I just spent a number of days in the area, in fact we camped out at Coyote Summit the night of September 12th. It is an extreme thrill everytime we go there, considering we drove 1800 miles to get there (long story, watch for upcoming trip report)

The wind that night decided to behave, however there was an almost full moon, so star watching wasn't good. However, sometime in the night I had to get up and pee, and I was blown away by the starscape above.

The moon had set, and the sky was FILLED with stars. It is difficult to describe; imagine the brightest star in the nightime sky - now imagine the ENTIRE sky filled with those brightest stars, with the milky way weaving through. Even camping at Jasper, in the Canadian Rockies, I have never seen that sight. It was breathtaking experience.

It would be a travesty to pollute that view with prison searchlights. I will comment on this more in my trip report.

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