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Message posted by Roadeye on September 14, 2008 at 13:29:02 PST:

This doesn't have to be over people.
Far from it.
If you people dig in and make your feelings known to those who live in your surrounding area you do have a chance to put the kibosh on this deal without ever having to go through another committee process at all.
Here's an example of what you can do.

Post a fairly large ad in a widely read newspaper in your area condemning the idea of what Torreson is trying to do.
Then announce that you will be keeping track of every business, contractor, sub-contractor, gas station, grocery store, etc., etc. that the people who are going to be building and running the prison will be doing business with.
Then inform anyone who is in such a business that building these projects only lasts for a very short time... and that you will boycott their businesses should they even be seen doing business with Torreson or the prison.
Also inform perspective businesses that you will also be posting anyone's name who contracts with Torreson or does business with him on this site or the Rachel site.
Don't say anything inflammatory, simply list them as contractors on this project and ask people to respect your boycott.
As for Torreson himself, post what he did, how he did it, and ask people to remember the amount of respect for you that he had and to keep it in mind if he approaches them for any business dealings whatsoever.
The same thing for the people on the council who voted for this...if any of them are business people, include them in the boycott request.
Keep an eye on preparations for the project and be prompt every time you see a new company name.
Inform the businesses that you have no problem with them other than the fact they are doing business on this project.
If they stop remove their names from the list.
I know this sounds simple, maybe even futile...but it works.
A few years ago we had a hurricane in my neck of the woods and some businesses began jacking up the prices of things like water, camp stove fuel, batteries, etc. the things people really needed.
The people warned them and were sluffed off.
Not one of those businesses are still running today.
An ice storm in Quebec saw the same thing happen.
And many profitable businesses who were too short sighted to see past their greed found themselves going under.
It's not too late for you people to have your say here.
The project will need gas, food, water, and other services. They won't want to have to truck everything in.
It will need other local stuff too that you can make sure it cannot have.
Let it be known that everyone who signs a contract with them or sells them so much as a chocolate bar will feel long term pain.
It works!
Tell them Torreson left you no choice.

Just my two cents.
And all of my support for your cause!


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