Re: OT: Rachel Prison Update

Message posted by BobM on September 07, 2008 at 8:43:03 PST:

I was at the meeting and found Mr. Toreson to be quite an idiot. I thought about it all day yesterday after the meeting and I really don't see this project getting off the ground. It may be approved as Joerg said Mr. Higbee flat out said he didn't care about us (Rachel residents) at all. I just think Toreson is too incompetent to get it past the blueprint stage.

Joerg, the one regret I did have was not jumping to my feet once Toreson mumbled you were a marketing genius or whatever he said once you told him land in the area was worth $7500/5 acres and not $16,500/5 acres, I should have backed you up on that but I'm sure he knows what it is REALLY worth, he is just frikken greedy.

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