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Message posted by JoeinTX on September 06, 2008 at 22:42:52 PST:

All perfectly valid and vetted points of view for the GLR viewer.

From the prospect of the county and state of Nevada, especially when considering the economics, very quaint. Branding 375 as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" and lauding attention to Rachel was a good move 10 years ago. Fast forward a decade or so and having a major facility move in and all of that goes out of the window. Nothing evil here, just good 'ol reality.

I 100% understand the anti-argument, believe me. I also completely understand the mood and intentions of the county when it comes to improving the numbers of the county. What county seeks to keep their financial situation equal or lesser than they found it? None.

If, if, the value of the GLR tourist could do even battle with the literal value of the steady impact of a new prison facility then we'd have an argument. But, we don't, and the county has to worry about money realities. I have no problem with that.

Can we consider the benefits of this situation? Rachel may have more traffic and more customers. The area may get more state attention in terms of roads and public safety. Maybe, just maybe, having more government-paid eyes looking around could produce some more interesting video or audio.

Just looking at the realities and's not just a negative.

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