Re: OT: Rachel Prison Update

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on September 06, 2008 at 21:56:46 PST:

Well, I am afraid its not only "a new resident in the valley". Rachel and Sand Spring Valley will change forever. People from Vegas and other places, who are looking to retire here, or already have, will leave. Un-skilled, transient minimum-wage laborers will move in (it was mentioned in today's meeting that the annual staff turnover in private prisons is over 50%). Skywatching will become impossible because of the light pollution. Camping on public land around here will no longer be safe. Traffic on Hwy 375 will increase exponentially. I could go on forever. This will be the end of Rachel as we, the residents, know (and love!) it, and that you all, who like to visit this area for various reasons, will eventually have to move on and find new places to camp out. Which, if I were a conspiracy kind of guy, I would suspect would be very much appreciated by the powers at Groom.

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