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Message posted by JoeinTX on September 06, 2008 at 21:34:09 PST:

Well, you can't really expect anything else.

County officials, rightly so by-and-large, are looking to improve the economic condition of their county. It's a part of their job. The prospect of a facility like this.....adding a few hundred jobs.....bringing funding for public works improvements to roads and utilities.....increasing traffic to the area that can benefit the local communities and businesses.....all point to "yes."

If the visitors of this place could generate equal or better financials than this wouldn't be a serious proposal..........but we can't. I don't necessarily like the idea but I understand it and see why Lincoln County's elected officials are considering it.

All signs, legitimately so, point to a new resident in the valley that we're just gonna have to get use to.

And, I've just got to add, if the U.S. Government thought that a prison in the area was a threat to what is taking place at GLR then this entire debate would not be occurring. They don't appear to worry about it so whatever is occurring there is beyond the scrutiny of a few hundred extra sets of eyes or a few dozen more travelers crossing the area.

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