Re: OT: Rachel Prison Update

Message posted by pamela on September 05, 2008 at 19:14:12 PST:

i just wanted to let you all know you have no writes, and anyone with money can do anything they want, i just talk with my son yesterday, and he told me halliburton came into grand junction colorado two years ago, and has set up oil wells all over the place on blm land, and anywhere and everywhere they wanted, some of the land they are now on, is also a wildlife preserve, they were told that they had to shut down there work for at least 3 months so the wildlife could migrate through there, they went nuts, there was hearings and protests going on for months, and what do you think happened? they got there way and never stop working. so as for all that other bs red tape you say they need, you are wrong, if they got money they can do whatever they want.

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