Personal and public forgiveness extended to Area 51 employee

Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on September 02, 2008 at 11:48:05 PST:

This is to extend my personal, as well as public full forgiveness to Mr. James Manner, resident of Panaca, Nevada who was a former Lincoln County Commissioner and Area 51 employee who, back in 2001, almost endangered our lives by seemingly attempting to runb over us with his speeding truck as he was on his way to work at the base.
It has been slightly over 7 years already after that frightening incident which I will never forget.
However, my forgiveness to his actions has long been overdue.

At that time, in 2001, I could say I was quite immature and was simply basing and judging everything on emotionalism, hnot really realizng that Mr. Manner, just like everyone else, had a right to work and earn a decent living. On that day he was simply reporting to work at the base. He could have been undertaking an important work at the base, for our national defense.
Moreover, if was our fault for being in the middle of the Groom Lake Rd, at the restricted boundary line, although he should have slowed his vehicle down when he saw our presence on the road.
However, the bottom line is that now I fully forgive him and also even ask to accept my apology for making rash judgments.

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