Possible Rachel Film Project

Message posted by CLNelsen on August 29, 2008 at 22:07:23 PST:


Like most of you I have been following closely the situation developing in regards to the proposed prison to be built outside of Rachel, and like most I am 100% opposed to the idea. I won’t take your time right now to explain why I am opposed to the project; chances are they are the same as yours anyway.
Aside from being a regular visitor to the area, I am also a 3rd year film production student, focusing on documentary film making. As such, I find the situation in Rachel compelling and would like to capture it in the form of a documentary. This project will be produced by myself and no money in any form will be made from it. The purpose is solely to capture the story as it develops.
I am planning on attending the meeting scheduled in Rachel on the 6th (as well as other meetings as needed) and would like to film the proceedings of that meeting as well as film interviews with as many concerned people as possible. I have already been in contact with the Joerg who gave me permission to post this “proposal” here in the forum, I’m writing to see if there will be anyone else there who does not live in Rachel or from out of state that would be willing to appear on camera to share concerns/opinions. As I live in Salt Lake and there will be a few hours of drive time involved, I would like to get as many interviews set up in advance to save time.
Please let me know your thoughts on this and if the above requests would be possible. Thanks everyone!

Chad Nelsen


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