Re: (it is what U think it is Part 2...and counting...!)

Message posted by Magoo on August 15, 2001 at 19:48:52 PST:

But, a commercial plane with lights on the nose and on its wingtips CAN look very much like a big triangle at night! It's a fact, not an unsupportable claim! Whether you're a fist timer to the forum or a regular is irrelevant - only those who WANT to read more into that statement will do so.

To me, it says what it says, and nothing more! The only thing I understood it to mean was to not go assuming that if you cannot identify something immediately, then it must be an advanced black or alien aircraft! The mysterious object on Joerg's TTR pic is a case in point - we're looking at every explainable possibility first.

Just because a person can draw a line between what they know and what they believe may exist, doesn't make them a 'psyops' disinformant! It just means they are living in reality.


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