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MIT Lincoln labs has always been off limits to satellites as is the Phillips Geophysics buildings. There are also ESD buildings and AFRL buildings that are off limits. Lots of high security at Lincoln labs. Lincoln labs has done research for the military and goverment since the 50's. The theoretical work is done here before the project shows up at the desert test facility. It's funny you should ask about Lincoln Labs. I was at family party this weekend and my brother inlaw who owns an elevator company was telling me about installing an elevater at Hanscomb back in the late 60's. There is a building that goes into a hill with a second building inside of it. Inside the inner building there is a shaft straight down. They built dual elevators in these shafts. At the bottom of the shafts are two small railways (about 2 foot wide) each goes down a 10 ft by 10 ft tunnel with vary large blast doors that are on wheels. Behind the blast doors was a very large lab. He was told he was looking at large laser on each rail, but they did not tell him what they were used for. He said they worked with Marine guards watching them and if you left your assigned area they arrested you. My father who was an physicist for the Air Force told me that in this time period Lincoln Labs was trying to bounce lasers off the moon. I assumed it had something to do with the Appollo Moon program. Anyways they had some very powerful lasers down in those tunnels and this was the late 60's. There are some other defense contractors within 20 miles of Hanscomb that are also obscured. If you look at Boston from google Earth you will see the John Hancock tower is obsured as well as Fenway Park along with the big gas tanks in Quincy. Probably all for anti-terror reasons.

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