OK folks let's kick in a bit to help Jeorg

Message posted by timmy on August 17, 2008 at 15:49:53 PST:

Jeorg needs a little financial help to keep DLR going; it's time we all kick in a little. I visit every day, several times. I haven't sent him any money because i don't like my plastic at risk. If Jeorg would publish an address or PO Box where i could send him a few $20's he would see input from me for sure. My guess is that Jeorg will see input from most of you that visit and enjoy DLR as much as i do. so, Jeorg, help us by giving us a snail mail address to send our limited greenbacks to so you can keep up the good work with a little less stress on you pocket book. we could use the same address to finance the next satelite photo order which is becoming overdue.
does anybody have an issue with this approach?
ps. I am personally very happy that Glen Campbell is back and will visit his site also everyday. That doesn't lessen the importance and impact of DLR and i don't want his return to turn into a US vs THEM issue. Let's all act like the overgrown children we all are and get on with it.


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