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Message posted by loopbacktest4echo on August 15, 2008 at 9:44:12 PST:

I think they are doing all of that there and more. I always thought that A51 was a NRO research, test, and development center hosted by the USAF and staffed by black project defense contractors. It looks like the USAF is going through profound changes and that the defense intelligence orgs are doing the same. Anyways it appears to me that a new organization is morphing into being that is taking over NRO and much of the USAF space command. These are the defense and intel high eyes assets. The USAF cyberwar division has also been shut down. Of course most of this comes from Aviation week/leak so the truth is going to be hard to get at. My point is that A51 has lots of stuff going on but it looks like they are going to be under new management.

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