Re: black projects article ( it is what U think it is).

Message posted by Aaron Johnson on August 15, 2001 at 14:19:06 PST:

With all due respect to U jeorg!. In my own studying or curiosity about psy-ops. U just supported a psy-op for dis-info purposes . As I have been in the airline industry for sometime it is pretty hard for me to confuse a black triangle aircraft with a commercial aircraft. As I am an experienced aviation buff!. Now someone who is looking for a black triangle craft could through their reasoning & discerning faculties could mistake because of their level of emtional, excitment at looking for and mistaking for a black triangle craft!.

With that being said it is possible at a certain angle at certain momment that a mistake could happen but that would be to a beginner or casual onlooker!.

Now how u supported a dis-info psy-op. Is really sinmple the airforce is playing around with new triangle shaped designs in my opinion and im not going to rule out advanced propulsion systems and U just supported their UFO, laugh shielding system concept. The UFO laugh sheilding system concept, works as follows. Someone reports seeing a UFO and goes to authorities and his or her local media and is laughed and ridiculed to an utlimatley embarrased state for reporting it to them, then goes away in frustration and gives up and the story never sees the light of day in the quote "mainstream media". All the while the airforce just got away with toying around with a new classififed aircraft and got actual data, that it was seen and working if that is what the excerise was about. These slow, low flights of black triangle craft have me curious as to that some kind of actual evaluation mission assessments are underway, reason specifically unknown!

In your case u may have unknowingly and unwittingly did a conscious subliminal planting of a message concept to get people, particualy casual lookers to think that it just may be commercial and not is a black project aircraft and you were telling the truth of what the article said. It's a classic, bait and switch, psy-op concept tactic.

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