Re: Russia-Georgian Conflict..What should US/Nato Response BE

Message posted by Lou on August 12, 2008 at 6:53:44 PST:

It was Georgia that struck the first blow. They tugged on the tigers tail & are now paying the price.

Given the state of technology, I really question just how much of an "ally" Georgia is to the US? Was there any discussion of this? Did they confer with anyone else? I would hardly believe that the US would recommend the action in a province that is self governed & greatly aligned with Russia. No question that the US would know to some extent the amount of armament & troop support the Russians had in the vicinity.

I hear nothing except that Russia's response was far beyond Georgia's crime. Imagine an enclave of Americans being attacked, killed & chased from their homes - say along the border just inside Mexico? Backed conveniently by a former arch nemesis .......

Would the US just watch?

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