Re: How Are The Roads To Tikaboo Peak?

Message posted by Gregos on August 10, 2008 at 16:02:56 PST:

I went up there on 7/29 to watch Red Flag. The road from Badger Spring to the lower staging area / parking is really really bad for a 2WD vehicle. It looks like there was a major rain some time ago and lots of big rocks washed into the "road." There are also deep ruts the last 1,000 feet or so.

I have a HUMMER H3 and it plowed right thru but I had to put it in 4WD low, which I never have to do. But I was still worried about getting to the lower area. after that it is ok. I did make it all the way up to to real trail head over that big rock "step" but it looks like I put a nice scrape on my rear window along the way. Oh well, that's why I bought it I guess! The H3 is awesome when it comes time for off road. If your are going to rent a car, other than the crappy gas mileage, the H3 is the way to go for a Area 51 adventure. I know several rental car companies that have them. Put it this way: $25 dollars a day plus maybe being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help or $75 dollars a day and laughing while TRYING to get stuck in the middle of nowhere! I usually go up solo and I fear nothing. Plus it has the Verizon based On*Star which works at the base of Tikaboo Peak. Although, I don't know if rental cars carry this feature but I do.

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