Re: What happens inside?

Message posted by Jaz on August 07, 2008 at 6:53:33 PST:

Interesting, well im sure if someone had the money had a powerful enough scope, there would be a whole new view to groom lake that could be seen, just like the panorama!....but better.
In coming years i believe alot more than expected will come to light from "Dreamland"

however im still intrigued about the levelled security theory, and its very seem logical and sensible! but it plays with your mind, what the other levels could be..... weapon emplacements, more cammo dudes? Aircraft....or something more.

Any theories, ideas or thoughts on what they could be?

I live in the UK and im hoping to get to tikaboo peak on one of the trips that are run.
Ive read and heard stories from far and wide.


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