Interesting Intercept: Silver 52 IFE

Message posted by Steve Douglass on August 06, 2008 at 12:48:27 PST:

Just intercepted on 356.600 MHZ " SILVER 52" declaring an in flight emergency due to a problem with his number seven engine.

He was talking via a phone patch to RICHMAN and said they were declaring an IFE and would be landing in 30 minutes.

I'm guessing Silver 52 is a B-52 because I don't know of any other USAF aircraft that has that many engines.

A question for the military monitors living near or have monitored the Nellis Range frequencies

The callsign "SILVER" has been associated with Area 51 and Tonopah ( as in Silver Bow) etc. Has anyone ever heard the call Silver 52?

I'm guessing it might be a temp call sign (and this could be a Buff returning from Red Flag.

Also, anyone know who RICHMAN might be? Keep in mind I snatched this intercept out of the air at my home QTH in Amarillo.

Silver 52 said he would be landing in thirty minutes. The closest bases (to Amarillo) that could repair or host B-5s are Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, or Barksdale AFB, in Louisiana but I have never heard them using the call RICHMAN.

Any help with the I.D.s would be appreciated.

-Steve Douglass


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