Re: What happens inside?

Message posted by T1 on August 05, 2008 at 18:55:51 PST:

>The holster is an off-brand (cheap) and contains a 9mm Beretta as well as a spare magazine in a
>separate pouch. The holster is not AF issue although the Beretta could be. The coffee stain desert
>BDU's are not AF although the boots could be. This person is a contract security officer not AF.

Hi Andre, good assessment!

The drop holster configuration on the Back Gate Cammo Dude looks to be a Bianchi T6505 Holster, T6510 Modular Accessory Panel, and a Model M1025 Military Magazine Pouch.

I can't see if he's using a Beretta; your eyes are better than mine!

The photos on the 'Wackenhut Services, Inc., Nevada Operations' website show the SPO's using Safariland Raptor-series Model 6074/6274 holsters with SigArms pistols.

The WSI site mentions that SPO's must "qualify initially and annually with a .40 cal pistol, M-4 rifle, M-240 machine gun and M203 grenade launcher."


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