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The Cammo Dudes are sitting in the desert doing nothing but listening on their radios and staring out into the desert looking for trespassers all day, all night. It's not like they have any distractions. It can't be hard to see a vehicle or people walking around the desert when you are totally familar with the area and it's patterns. In my experience the guys guarding the outside of highly classified areas rarely get to go inside the areas they are guarding much less know what is going on inside of them. I recall regularly being asked by the guards when entering secure areas wtf we did in there. We had some techs get lost during a Green Flag game and cross into Groom. They were pulled from their truck and put to the ground by what appeared to be special forces types(very unfriendly and came out of nowhere). Air Force had to come get our guys. I believe that the Cammo dudes are just the outside facing ring of security for Groom. It would make sense to me that the perimeter was broken into zones with each zone being increasingly dangerous to the trespasser. The security is there to turn away everything from gawking tourists to clandestine HUMINT. By the way a good special forces guy can smell you coming and track you without you ever knowing he's following you. I've seen this up close.

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