Re: Plane crash by the Rachel dump

Message posted by Lex Luthor on August 03, 2008 at 20:55:28 PST:

I was refering to the one on Rachels own website that crashed in the spring of 1984 by the town dump. Thats why I said Rachel dump in my original post. I was at Cedar Pipeline Ranch on Sunday geocaching between 11am and 1pm, glad I was not around there during the same timeframe on wednesday [ I was at the Shelby Cobra/Mustang Factory at the time of the crash] I also decided to go geocaching around Rachel and remembered the story on Rachels website about a plane crash by the dump. I found a few turbine blades with info and some other parts with build dates on them [5-1982 and 1-1983] All other items I found with writing on them were in English so I know what it is not [a Mig], but I have no way to look up inspection stamps and part numbers to verify what type craft it came from so I was wondering if anyone knew anything definitive about the mishap.

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