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Message posted by Jaz on August 02, 2008 at 1:48:36 PST:

I've always wondered about this exactly, because most people these days are rightly so fixated with the inner workings and secrets of the base.
But before you even consider getting there you have the cammo dudes. Ive watched some interesting videos on the cammo dude specifically!
Is it all just a scare tactic that they are "heavily armed" with weapons?? Or doughnuts and coffee??

There are stories of people being "manhandled" their vehicles ransacked and handed to the local sheriffs department they must have enough video/photgraphy equipment to open a brand new elcetronics store!
It would be great to hear the full start to finish story of a day as a cammo dude, what they see inside the base, how they know where peeople are before they they have left the house that day, and what sort of equipment they get their hands onto i.e. technology that allows them to smell people coming or so ive heard, with the backup of the surviellance/electronice warfare pave-hawk helicopter, CCTV tripods and motion sensors.
Maybe them 4 small radar domes in the panorama view, are forward scanning towards groom road like ground sonar and give the cammo dudes a good heads up!


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