Re: Possible Black Project Crash?

Message posted by JoenTX on July 29, 2008 at 6:16:41 PST:

Very formulaic.

Strange, "alien" object falls from the sky (no pics or video from witnesses) and then the MIBs and "black" helicopters show up to scoop up all evidence within minutes with a menacing attitude that frightens bystanders and quells any talk.

Heres just one thing that doesn't seem to add up......the helis show up approximately 17 minutes after impact? Considering the average helicopter, these things would have to have been in the air, headed in this general direction, and within roughly 30 miles to achieve that type of reaction time. How good could "they" possibly be at predicting the exact crash location of an object to this degree?

And, this supposedly happened all with 100 yards of the river on accessible pics of the sight? info from the landowner?

Sorry, either it's total baloney or there's a whole lot of the story left out.

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