Re: Expedition Dreamland.....?

Message posted by JoenTX on July 14, 2008 at 22:30:34 PST:

Joerg, my bad for late-night "PWI"....Posting While Imbibing.

I can see the reason for this perfectly well. A lot of people are looking for an "experience" and not just a trip. This would be that. Something to urge them to take the plunge and visit. Being a literal person myself when it comes to such things, I just wanted to see it and judge it on my own....others may want something different.

Understand now the Tropicana.......I seem to have read elsewhere before that it was one of the best places to view McCarren activity. To this, one of the better parts of my week in LV was sitting at the end of LV Blvd and watching the Janets come in in the evening. They, for whatever reason, seemed to lend more material gravitas to the entire Area 51 issue than anything else.

Oh well, good luck on the event and I hope the charges come anywhere close to paying for it.

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