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I'm not sure when this photo was taken...the base could have changed significantly since I was there in 81 or 82.
But, if this helps, I was at the Labrador History or Heritage museum at the time, which, now I know I'm going back 27 years here was alongside one of the active runways at the base.
At that time, there were two weekly flights to and from Halifax they both arrived and departed at night.
Tuesdays and Thursdays I believe were the only times you could get there.
Civil traffic had a terminal on one side of the base while military traffic, depending on the country of course had their own sections.
At the time, I believe the British had just, a year or two before, removed the Vulcan Bomber squadron that was based there and it was, at least for the week I was there, the Germans...F 4's that were predomanent in the skies over Happy Valley.
My hotel...The Labrador Inn...and I don't see it in this photo was just off one end of one of the runways and fighter ops were beginning somewhere around 4 or 5 am. So I was woken up everyday by the afterburners as the Phantoms climbed out right over my hotel in the early mornings.
The museum I was at when I saw the plane...if memory serves me correctly was partway up one of the runways.
Like I said earlier...I believe it was on the one at the top of the frame only off to the left out of the picture.
There was also a building about midway up the runway...a small hanger like structure, big enough for only a plane or two...not a full size hanger...and it was made of dark bricks I believe...although I can't see it here in this shot.
That is the building where they took the aircraft.
It wasn't on the main tarmac part of the base at all.

I wish I could point exactly where it was...but I can't not in this frame anyway.
Still...I believe I was at the top left hand corner out of frame...But unfortunately that is just a guess.
Now, there is a possibility that modifications to the property have been made and I could have been located at the bottom right hand corner out of frame near the big sand pit...but that's a guess as well.

Sorry but I can't really determine where Happy Valley is in the shot.
My guess is that Northwest River is located out of frame in the top left and that is the side of the base I would have been on.

Best I can do based on this shot.


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