Re: The black donut old runway being used?

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on June 26, 2008 at 7:57:37 PST:

The current GE image was taken on November 14, 2006. Comparing it with our July 18, 2007 image, it looks like the old white markings on runway 14R/32L were painted over with black paint or tar. The black marks match exactly the old white markings visible in the GE image.

I agree, there appears to be a connection between the runway markings and the markings around the old compass rose. The dark donut appear after the black markings were painted on the runway, and, a couple of years earlier, the yellow markings appear after the yellow X-es were painted.

One of the theories in a previous discussion was that the old compass rose is used as a test area for the paint. This, combined with your observation that this may be used to load up the painting equipment, is the most likely explanation to me at the moment.

I don't see any evidence of the spill/ice north of H-18 in our July 2007 satellite image, though. Whatever was there in November 2006 is completely gone, unless I am missing something.

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