The black donut – old runway being used?

Message posted by NoOne on June 25, 2008 at 21:47:24 PST:

Was having a look around today and noticed something that might explain the black donut around the old compass rose.

Compare the current GE sat image with the Dreamland sat image. In the Dreamland image new black markings appear on the old runway (mainly on the south end). The markings look purposeful, that is not simply X-outs of a disused runway. Now, these black markings aren’t in the GE image, pre-dating the Dreamland image by mere months, and there is no black donut in the GE image. Also looking closely in the center of the donut on the Dreamland image there appears to be some sort of structure. My guess, perhaps hot tar was used to “paint” the markings on the old runway and the old compass rose was where the tar was loaded.

Anyone ever see runway markings like those on the old runway in the Dreamland sat image? Any guesses? Perhaps related to Hanger 19?

BTW the "ice"/spill/fire outside hanger 18 also appears in the GE sat image. Looks like it has been there for a while.



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