New GE imagery

Message posted by NoOne on June 24, 2008 at 15:34:08 PST:

Following on from the Yucca post, not only was GE Yucca imagery updated so was GE A51 imagery.

Although dated C 2008 the A51 GE image is earlier than the Dreamland image of July 18, 2007 but now we have a much larger area of updated imagery.

. The new large hanger is in an earlier stage of construction.

. The alien yellow snow :-) on the old taxiway near the compass rose is there, however, the black donut in the middle is missing. (so that rules out the donuts causing the bad alien toilet behavior..)

. Slightly better angle on the new tower near the RCS range .

. Bordering areas previously only in low res now seem to be in high res.



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