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Message posted by Magoo on November 13, 2000 at 04:22:21 EST:

There are reports of an underground complex at Pine Gap near Alice Springs in Australia as well, and sources of mine report shipments of large air filters aboard US military transports to that base. However, there are no piles of dirt to be seen in aerial pics displayed until recently on a site about Pine Gap!

My sources also states that the far fetched stories about an underground nuclear reactorand town, and even a subterrainian submarine canal from the Indian Ocean to Pine Gap (same distance as from Seattle to St Louis!) are absurd!

The facility is a jointly operated (US and Australia) communications facility that is used for tracking and downloading intelligence from US 'overheads', and for communicating with US 'boomers' and SSNs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

One of the A51 websites I have seen recently (I can't remember which one. It wasn't terribly memorable anyway!) claims the 'Aurora' sometimes operates out of Pine Gap as well as Macrahanish in Scotland and Groom Lake!

Problem is...there is no runway there!! The nearest is at Alice Springs Airport some 15 miles away. The twice-weekly USAF C-141s and C-5s have a tough time operating out of Alice due to the altitude, hot climate and relatively short runway (very close to town), so I can't imagine how a 'fastmover' like 'Aurora' could do it!

Joerg - the Pine Gap website that you have a link to appears to have closed down.

In summary, I think the subject of underground bases comes and goes as people start to look for things at a base that don't exist. The rumors may follow or coincide with a period of relatively little activity (like now!), where some of the less credible researchers around get bored and start looking for things to justify their own existances!

All I can say is, unless we hear some credible evidence from someone who has been there, or mysterious piles of dirt star appearing at a base near you, don't even go there folks!


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