It's Helendale RCS!

Message posted by Tom on June 07, 2008 at 22:16:35 PST:

Oooooh...Nice! I should have caught that right away, but maybe I'm slowing in my old age. It is indeed on a pole at an RCS facility. In fact, it is my favorite RCS facility: Helendale!

Check out the attached pic. It was one of the many I took during our RCS flyover a number of years ago (with the late, great Mike Dornheim). We happened over Helendale just as the facility doors were opening and the pylon was going up, and by hanging out the Cessna window I was able to get some shots looking down inside it. The spacy thing on the end is just a test polecap. But have a close look at the area at the base of the pylon and compare it to the original picture. Note the circular silo cover matches, including the square ladder hatch under the right side of the model. The bracing structure and control room in the right rear of the original picture matches what's shown in the overhead. The black markings on the floor around the pylon silo match in both pictures. Finally on the left side of the original picture you can see what appears to be light seeping through tall sliding doors. Although you can't see it in my cropped overhead, that's the side of the semi-underground structure that has the large sliding doors.

Since the RAMS site at White Sands is almost a duplicate of Helendale, it is possible the original image was from there, but since even the floor markings match, I'd think it highly likely it's Helendale.

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