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Message posted by JoeinTX on June 06, 2008 at 21:03:05 PST:

Oh, the guy had an interesting story to tell at the time but he's most likely a crank.

#1-He misrepresented his education and I don't think anyone doing this, be they chief scientist or junior border guard, gets anywhere near the place. Talk about a background check and pee test.

#2-His characterization of the other people working there just sounds weird to me. According to him, they ran the gammut from sloppy to lazy to tyrannical. Those characterizations don't coexist in any type of sensitive, well-ran operation as Groom certainly must be.

#3-He just "heard" about a job from a friend and all he had to to do to get it was go down to the company office, straight out of the blue, and fill out a application. Ouila, top-secret clearance and access to the most secure area in these United States.

#4-His representation of his work there is also weird....a disorganized, paranoid workplace with extreme security but an serious lack of organization or compiled knowledge. Don't jive. If you had alien craft in your posession you would have security obviously but you would also have a learned core of personnel who had spent years working on it and worked together daily in an open environment to crack its mysteries. You wouldn't break up your working groups unless the qualities of each area of expertise had already been established......and, yet, no experienced group was present to explain and educate new workers about this?

He did seem to posess a few nuggets that sort of made him look legit. The security badge or purportedly so.....who knows, those are easy to make up. Secondly, the paystub is still the most convincing piece of evidence he has. For a two-week period in 1989, he wasn't getting just very much to be a studied scientist working on UFOs.....something less than $1000 or something. Is that what the USAF/DOD would be paying a highly trained scientist to reverse engineer its most guarded possessions and keep their mouths shut? I don't think so.

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