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if you're looking for operational units of next generation stealth and high/hyper performing airplanes (maybe only built in small lots of 3-6 airframes), we're spending too much time looking at the nellis range.
look north - way north. Eilson AFB in the middle of Alaska is more remote, and probably doesn't get one or two casual observers a year, unlike the various facilities around the nellis range and fallon, which probably get hundreds of observers of varying determination.
It is a VERY large base, and is bordered by Ft Greely with its eqaully high tech ABM sites and radar.
Eilson also has a hangar of similar dimensions as the big one (18?) at Groom Lake. whatever town is next too it is small, and probably everyone who lives there works at the bases, or at least secondarily connected to the base functions (diners, small stores, maybe walmart?). Just like the people who live in southern NV and commute to the various bases/facilities in the nellis range, they're not going to blab to the public and media either. And I've heard people who live in Alaska are a bit different anyways - many live there for a new start on life and don't say much about who they are, what they do, etc.
So if there was some sort of SR-71 replacement built (in very limited numbers out of a not commonly made Ti alloy, 13-11-3) during the late 1980's-early 1990's), then any surviving airplanes probably moved out of Groom Lake in the mid-late 1990's to another more remote and secure location - and closer to the areas of high interest like N Korea, China, Pakistan, etc.
And anything they have short of reconnaisance planes, like tactical strike planes with advanced capabilities, are likely being saved for the big showdown - it that isn't against a 2nd or 3rd rate military like iraq. its for china or a trip into russia.

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