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"I truly believe we have "stuff" that only comes out at a time of war. I am sure the Iraqi's have seen things or at least heard things that we have no clue to it's existence...."

Just to add.

There may well be certain types in small numbers that have enough operational capability to be used in active operations during time of need. I remember all of the speculation of the "TR-3" spotter that worked in conjunction with the F-117 in the first Gulf War.

But, here's my problem-any operational "TR-3" flying in 1991 theoretically should not have been of any serious technological difference to the F-117. They should have been reasonably similarly mature in terms of stealth and technology and while we've now been aware of the -117 for almost 20 material scent of a "TR-3" exists.

As for the Iraqis "seeing" things we have not....there is little chance of that. If anything very advanced was working with our forces in 1991 or now was used it was operating with caution outside of ear/eye-sight to even our own general forces and wasn't going to be captured in Iraqi detection ability. Iraq's defenses, especially in 2003, weren't enough to warrant a secret type jeopardizing its secrecy or image to any but those who needed to know about it.

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