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Message posted by Hank on May 26, 2008 at 16:23:50 PST:

Ive never had a telescope on my camera but I had a 500mm zoom lens and their was no way I could handle it. (maybe it was operator error) I had trouble finding the target and once I did any camera movement would cause it to go out of focus, and I would lose the target again. I would imagine that a telescope would multiply the problem. All the pics that I have posted on the site and in my webshots albums have been taken with a 300mm lens. I can follow them thru the viewfinder and seem to have a minimal problem keeping them in focus. A telescope on a tripod taking pics of stationary items is great as evidenced by Joergs pics from Tikaboo. But to handhold it and try to catch a moving object may be a different story.

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