More on the california mystery aircraft...

Message posted by benthook on May 23, 2008 at 13:45:40 PST:

Hi everyone, this mystery aircraft thing has been keeping me awake at night so I thought I would photoshop a little comparison together of the many different "possibilities" for what this plane could be. This image clearly shows that it is NOT an SR-71 or F-16XL or many of the other a/c that people on this board and the comments over at the Aviation Week Ares blog speculated it may be. To make this image I took photographs of the undersides of these aircraft and blacked them out to only show their silhouettes and resized them to a uniform size for comparison of their features. Please note that the craft are not to scale in this image, and that it is really impossible for us to know what angle of attack the original mystery craft was in when the picture was taken, but it looks to be relatively horizontal in respect to the photographer.

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