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Message posted by PresidenToor on May 19, 2008 at 12:24:06 PST:

My comments cross-posted from the Ares blog, with some additional stuff:

In order to check if this is a hoax, one needs to look at everything besides the aircraft.

The guy claims to be fishing at Lake Trinity on the 24th of April. The question should be, did he have fishing license? Did he need one? Were they being issued at that time? Was fishing in the area good or not?

He claims that his skin warmed up fast for about 15 seconds. This describes delusional behaviour at the very least. At most he was having goose-bumps and a sudden hot flash.

Also he was taking the picture with a sony digital camera. Many people, and I'm sure someone at Ares, has a sony digital camera. I highly suggest you go outside and try to take a stable picture of a jetliner flying overhead. You'll find that it's not easy, even less so if your in a boat on a lake (with currents, et. all).

Finally taking a look at the photograph the contrail seems highly irregular, where as most contrails are very regular and have some sort of pattern. This however doesn't approve or disprove the picture.

A few more points:

- As far as photoshop goes, the plane is definitly not mirrored in the traditional sense, the pixels on each side of the center line of the craft don't appear to be exact. Furthermore, PLANES ARE SYMMETRICAL, that being said, the plane would have had to have been flying nearly directly overhead the photographer in order for it too have appeared symmetrical.

- There does seem to be a red glow in the middle of the aft bulkish section. If this is where the engines are located, it would appear that the rest behind the glow would have to be the tail section - that being the case the tail is HUGE. Huge tails are usually indicitve of transport aircraft.

- It is most certainly NOT an SR-71, the SR-71 has a different transition from the forward fuselage to the aft fuselage. Besides the fact that it is also slimmer.

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