Re: WHAT is this aircraft? Seen in california

Message posted by JoeinTX on May 19, 2008 at 8:37:28 PST:

I tried to find some pics of -71 from a similar perspective of this image and these are a couple you can find right quick off of Yahoo:

The first shows a -71 at flight from underneath against a pure sky background. Interesting comparison to the pic in question. The second shows the planform of the -71 from a the definitions of the engines and wing begin to merge.....etc. May be some better ones on the SR-71 dedicated sites but I thought these were decent.

The only things that give pause are: first, what appears to be a gap at the tail of the aircraft in the pic almost as if indicating recessed engine outlets as opposed to the protruding tail cone assembly of the -71. Second, are the contrails which appear to indicate two engines mounted closer together as opposed to those of the -71 but I am not able to find any pics of the Blackbird at altitude producing contrails right now to contrast with. Both could easily be visual effects created due to distance or angle or the conditions at the time I suppose.

I would tend to think that this pic was not taken at the time or place this witness claims it was. Oh, and the whole "heat ray" story he throws in with it makes me think something's not right.

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