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Message posted by Lou on May 10, 2008 at 6:06:50 PST:

Dude! I dont mean to sound critical but I am really not sure of your thinking on this. If all along you really desired the drive there then you did the right thing!
Sure right about now on a short booking you would be looking at a round trip of around $600 each from Dallas to LV. I believe you mentioned living close to there - I am down in Austin.
Anyhow - if you booked 2 weeks out or more - your flight alone ( not enough time but never never never do a package ) could be as low or lower then $300 ea.
Car rentals are something to be a little vigilant on but last time there - beginning of April - I got in on $20 a day - unlimited miles - & was upgraded to a mini van.
Myself, I foolishly gamble more then most & use my players cards continually ( hit over 2k on occasion - sign & must keep track of things ) & usually score a room comp. However there are a few sites to search & find deals on the rooms too.
If like most of the rest of us you are limited on vacation time - I really dont believe cruising to & fro is going to score points with the wife.
Getting to, staying in & renting a car in LV is very economical with a little planning. The other temptations are where it gets expensive. I am not a travel agent but let me know if you do this again. I guarantee I can find it all for less then you were looking at the RT air alone this late in the game - please give a months notice though :)

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