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Message posted by Tom on April 20, 2008 at 15:28:33 PST:

That's in the State Plane Coordinate System. It measures a location on an X/Y coordinate system North and East of an imaginary zero point. It's similar to the more modern UTM system, but the State Plane System is only for the US and UTM is worldwide.

The State Plane System divides the US up into very funky zones, each with its own zero point. To make matters worse, the 1927 datum uses feet, and the 1983 datum uses meters.

In terms of the NTS map, that's in feet, so it's using the NAD27 (1927 datum). Simply put, each point is listed with the distance in feet, North and East, of an imaginary zero point. That makes it pretty easy to measure distance between any two known points.

I've attached a link to an online State Plane to Lat/Long converter. You'll need to know the zone number for the NTS area, and for the 1927 datum it's 2702.

The State Plane System isn't used much anymore, and I'm not aware of any consumer grade GPS units that have it.

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