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Message posted by julie on April 18, 2008 at 21:34:21 PST:

I was just up at area 51 {unknowingly} with my mom. we were on our way home from southern utah to northern californina and happened to see some random road that seemed to go on forever. curiosity took us up the road. after several miles up the road we ran across 3 men walking back to their pickup that had a trailer attached with satelite looking discs on top. we asked them if this road mad its way back to the highway, and he said no, but if we went past some gate we would be arrested, so we thought "ok, we'll go as far as the gate". we drove a few more miles, and came to some sign that said no trespassing, and went .3 of a mile past it when we were stopped by a pickup with 2 more men in it with camoflauge on. long story short he called the county sherriff who gave us tickets for trespassing.
So, what gets me is, is if it was a military property, why didnt the military cite us.....what authority does the county sherriff have on "military " property? there wasnt any gate that we passed. we were detained there for over 3 hours, and finally cited and released by the county sherriff.

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