Re:The best area 51 footage.

Message posted by Les on April 18, 2008 at 17:53:37 PST:

I hope there is enough interest in the videos I recorded of the seven trips my brother and I took of the area. Each trip was recorded. For diehard 51 fans, this is the ultimate. From Vegas to Rachel, too Tikaboo and beyond, this video has it all. Step by step, trudging up shale mountain, to the big rock candy saddle, and up on too Tikaboo. We recorded every strange sight and sound. Lots of action!! Some of the best footage you will ever see!No stone left unturned for the person who has never wittnesed the beauty and excitement of an area 51/Tikaboo adventure. After I edit I will post on you tube the best 51 footage you will ever see!!


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