Re: F-117A Last to retire "CHRISTINE"

Message posted by Brian on April 10, 2008 at 22:33:00 PST:

Plant 42 viewpoints:

Eastside for final approaches:
From the intersection of Ave N and 50th St East, turn west on Ave N. Go about a block. I usually do a u turn and park right at where the base fence ends in a corner by the sod farm. Park across the street from the base fence. You can also drive further down to where the road turns south, but I usually don't stop there unless it's a quick grab shot.

There's also Avenue M at 50th St East if they're coming in on runway 22 (correct me if that's the wrong #).

WESTSIDE viewpoint:

Sierra Hwy at Avenue N. "BJs Corner". Well known dirt lot, right under the flight paths. Great for just watching, but sun angle can be tricky for photos.

A bit further west of the corner on the left is a dirth road leading south, drive down the road a bit and you can get better lighting for your pics.

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