BCD996T trip report

Message posted by 9th life on April 08, 2008 at 23:26:01 PST:

Warranty check. Well, my wonderful BCD996T, I broke it by yanking too many times on the PC interface cord. But before the cord broke I uploaded UASD files that Keithw and Joerg sent. Message form the software was that the file was for a BCD396T but it loaded perfectly. So here is a trip report for a scanner. Field test in the Edwards area has been on my to do list along with a couple days of exploring and camping at Saddleback Butte. Wind and dust was intense. Right out of the box the scanner has lots of frequencies pre loaded for major metropolitan areas but I have specific listening needs. It took the scanner software a little while to teach me how to use it but it succeeded. I'm using the Uniden software and two downloads from the 996 group on Yahoo. All have unique features and are fairly easy to understand. The files that Keithw and Joerg supplied were all about Area 51 and loaded into a USB flash drive so I could load it to the laptop controlling the scanner. The radio piped right up with the APCO card doing a great job. Heard hours of comms from the base including an ATIS notification of the runways closing because of high winds. One guy was ditzing his commander which reminded me of my hard time at the "Great Telephone Experiment" and it's management. The display showed frequency, group and trunking information, although for Nevada, it was very cool. I had the laptop recording scanner data for a day until it locked up and dumped some of the files. The area around Edwards is very interesting with stark landscape, wind and not so secret bases. On the way to Edwards viewpoint we ran across what used to be Douglas Aircraft landing field, then an RCS facility and now Aeronautical Systems. Do a Google search. Took lots of dirt roads and finally made it to Edwards viewpoint at N34.81793, W117.76254. Very interesting but be careful of many mine shafts. The view was spectacular with the main runway, rocket test area and bombing targets visible. After 2 days of wind and grit in our teeth twas time to bebop home. Mailed the scanner to be fixed today. What fun. Looking forward to the next moonless weekday camp out and explore of my favorite place in Nevada. 9thLife listening.


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