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Message posted by Alex (UK) on April 03, 2008 at 13:24:23 PST:

It seems more likely john lear told him where to go, if anything. either that or he observed flight patterns at groom and just predicted, got lucky. I wouldnt be surprised if Joerg, Peter etc could predict when things fly out of groom. Lazar, to me, should be mentioned in anyones history of Groom Lake, but only to say what he did for the place, as you quite rightly pointed out, he did in some ways put groom back on the map. His story, no matter how credible it seems, i just cannot believe it in any way. Some of his knowledge about the base is interesting, but yeah, he's just made educated guesses, been told things from insiders etc and pieced it together. Forum users may remember me struggling to form an opinion of Lazar's story whilst i was reading phil patton and david darlingtons books, and asking for help. Since then, with the help of Tom Mahood et al, ive come to the conclusion Lazar is a nut, an educated one, but nevertheless, still a nut. Important in discussing the history of the base, i agree, an interesting person, i also agree, but a credible person telling the complete truth or anything near to it? i highly doubt. The guy forgets and contradicts elements of his own stories sometimes etc, casting even more doubt in my mind that he can be believed.
Ive not written this to start a lazar argument, haha, as sometimes happens, but just to put my opinion forward
hope this helps
Alex (UK)

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