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Message posted by Hank on April 03, 2008 at 12:29:33 PST:

As a rule of thumb their are no flights on weekends. Nellis and the base are shut down. Their is a Red Flag July 21st thru August 22nd. with a small break in the middle. It may be day and/or night exercises. You can determine that from the Notams.
A scanner is a big help in the area as you can hear the Red Flag transmissions as well as weapons school. Be sure that your scanner can receive the MilAir freqs. (225 to 400). Camping can be done anywhere outside the border. If you want to see the Cammos the front gate or the backgate is the place to be. To see exercises the location of choice still seems to be Coyote Summit. 10 miles east of the Inn. You didnt say how long you will be there but the chances are excellent that you'll see lots of action. Other places of interest may be Basecamp and TTR east of the Inn near Tonopah, about 90 miles west of the Inn. If you have any further questions either email me or post them to the forum.

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